Zubin Niroula

Managing Partner

Zubin Niroula is a graduate of Tribhuvan University with a Bachelors degree in law & a co-partner at CLA. He specializes in Corporate and Commercial Law. His law practice has enabled him in gaining a remarkable experience in Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Financing and Intellectual Property. He also has several years of experience in sectors like Energy, Tourism & Hospitality, Mining and Information Technology.

Zubin has a law background and he is the second generation Attorney in his family. Despite being a silent partner during the Initial days of the firm, he is actively involved in the firm’s business at present. Apart from his law practice, he also involved in a nonprofit organization, ‘Community Welfare Initiatives’ and currently serves there as the Managing Director.

When he is not working, he usually takes up Chinese language lesson, cooks recipes, manages his YouTube channel,  occasionally goes for cycling and hiking. Back to his student days in law school, he was involved in students’ union where he ultimately served as the Chairman, gaining a deeper insight into the Nepalese politics and society. He has published articles in matters related to foreign investments, corporate finance, and Artificial Intelligence.

Email: zubin@lawchintan.com