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Court Marriage in Nepal

Posted On December 14, 2019

Court Marriage in Nepal | Marriage Registration: Process and Details

With the implementation of the new ‘Muluki Civil Code’, new legal provisions regarding marriage has been enforced.

Section 70 of the Muluki Civil Code lists the following criteria for a man and a woman to get married.

  1. Both man and woman accepts each other as wife and husband.
  2. If the couple are not related by blood such that they can’t be punished for incest.
  3. If man and woman are not already married.
  4. If both are 20 years of age.

However, the law has created a reservation for the caste (tribe) where it is culturally acceptable to marry one’s relatives.

Court Marriage in Nepal is executed as per the legal provision mentioned in Section 77 of the Muluki Civil Code. For the purpose of this article, ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are collectively referred as ‘Applicants’.

The document & detail required for Marriage Registration is simple and straightforward. The application can be filed in the District Court of the respective district where the Applicants reside. In case if Applicants are abroad, they can apply in the respective Nepali Embassy or Consulate. The law requires Applicants to have stayed at least 15 days in the respective district where the application is being filed. If Applicants are abroad, they have to demonstrate that they have stayed at least 15 days in the Country where the application is being filed.

Information Required:

  • Details of Applicants – Full name; address; occupation; father’s and mother’s name; grandfather’s and grandmother’s name; citizenship number and place of issue; details about previous marriage/divorce (not required for persons never married before).
  • Details of all witnesses – Full name; address; age; citizenship number and place of issue.

Documents Required:

  • Duly filled and signed application form in the prescribed format.
  • Consensus paper in the prescribed format.
  • Recommendation letter from local ward office for temporary residence. This is required for both the applicants.
  • Unmarried or single status recommendation letter issued from the local ward. This is required for both the applicants.
  • Original citizenship of Applicants.
  • Original citizenship of Witnesses.
  • Bank voucher equivalent to NPR 500 as the court fee.

For foreign citizen(s) willing to do court marriage in Nepal, the following documents are needed:

  • No objection letter from respective embassy or consulate to get married in Nepal. This must be translated in to Nepali language and notarized by the Notary public.
  • An excerpt of the law of respective country governing marriage. This must be translated in Nepali and notarized by the Notary public.
  • Passport and valid visa issued by the Department of Immigration in Nepal. This must be notarized by the Notary public.

Registration Process:

Applicants and all witnesses must appear at the District Court (in case if applicants are in Nepal); or the Embassy or Consulate of Nepal (in case if applicants are abroad), and register the application along with the required documents. After that applicants must appear before the judge or consulate general and sign in the log book (marriage register). At the end of the process, Applicants shall receive one ‘Certificate of Marriage Registration’. The whole process can take from 1 to 2 days.

Advantages of court marriage in Nepal:

  • The process is fast and saves time. In some cases, the whole process can be completed in a single day.
  • Cost effective. Since it’s a formal registration done at the court.
  • No additional limitations. As long as the requirements stated above are met, applicants don’t have to worry about social or family tensions. Especially favorable for inter-caste marriages.
  • A marriage registration certificate is issued.
  • Smart move due to fewer invitees. Especially in the post covid-19 scenario where mass gathering is risky let alone prohibited.

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  1. Sagar Kumar Chaudhary

    what are the procedures for getting court marriage in Nepal ?

    • Sabina Bashyal

      We want to marry with each others but i am not 20 years old but he is 26 years… We both accept us we really wany want to marry with each other ❤️

  2. Sagar Kumar Chaudhary

    I want to do an urgent court marriage.will u please help me for the same.

  3. Milan rokka

    Palikaa baata navayr ma sida cort marriage certificate banaunau chahanxu tesko lagi proceed k k hunx

    • Chintan Law Associates

      Dear Milan ji,

      While we appreciate your inquiry here, we urge you to contact our client support @9866556697 or email at or Facebook page of Chintan Law Associates.

  4. Sagar

    I am in foreign country and i am nepali
    Can i make court marriage certificate and how??


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