Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the sectors of expertise of CLA. With the immense knowledge and practice experience in this sector, the firm provides its legal services with respect to Real Estate planning and development, Real Estate Finance and Investment, Acquisitions and transfer, Land Acquisitions and Selling and Real Estate management. 

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Our experienced lawyers and consultants have deep understanding of laws governing land. Real Estate laws are being traditionally carried over as a customary rule and only a decade ago laws regarding land reform have been updated. These laws are deeply rooted to culture and tradition and reflect the norms of fundamental changes institutionalized by different general public movements. CLA has represented both foreign invested and domestic invested enterprises to deal with issues related with Real Estate.


Nepal is considered to have very high potential in the Energy sector, having richest source of flowing rivers and lakes directly from the Himalayas. The largest available renewable energy resource is hydropower, with a theoretical potential of approximately 83,000MW. 

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As per the Government of Nepal, although hydropower capacity stands at 42,000MW, the current installed capacity is only approximately 800MW. Due to the geographical location and the landscapes, hydropower production is very much feasible and most importantly this sector is open for foreign investment. The firm possesses institutional knowledge and Energy law experts. CLA has represented both foreign invested and domestic invested enterprises to deal with issues related with:

  • Project financing
  • Hydro power project development and licensing
  • Energy development and planning
  • Public Private Partnerships & JV

Infrastructure and Development

Nepal being a developing country has a huge scope for Infrastructure and Development, and the GON has placed this sector with high priority in its policies. Many rural and remote areas having tremendous potential in tourism and agriculture are disconnected with communities & the capital city due to the lack of basic infrastructures like roads, bridges, drinking water canals, irrigation and transportation. 

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Every year the GON allocates major portions of its budget on this sector. The firm has been providing its services to foreign companies and local parties willing and operating in this sector. Many Chinese and Indian companies have been investing in these sectors. The firm has been serving its clients engaged in these sectors for the following issues:

  • Setting up a JV or a company
  • Licensing regimes
  • Drafting agreements, etc.


Nepal is a rich country in terms of minerals and lots of natural sources of various elements and ores are naturally deposited in the country. That being said many studies, researches and enterprises, both foreign invested and domestic invested are working in this sector. CLA has rich experience in Mines and Minerals law and understands the nature of the business to help its clients in this sector.

Intellectual Property

Due to the current commercial circumstances, the exploring and protection of intellectual property rights have become one of the most significant issues. CLA has expert lawyers devoted in this sector, with excellent knowledge and experience. Thus, we are able capable of providing legal consultation, registrations of Intellectual Properties like copyright, trademark, patent and design. CLA has earned the fame of the Best Patent and Trademark Lawyers in Nepal.

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The professional legal service provided by CLA in this field includes:

  • Legal service for applying and registration for intellectual property rights.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts involving intellectual property.
  • Legal consultation of infringement and protection of intellectual property rights.


It is one of the growing sectors having enormous potential in Nepal. Lawyers at CLA have rich knowledge best experience in this sector. Many healthcare institutions both domestic and foreign investments are growing within the country. Our lawyers and consultants have been engaged in this sector, dealing with legal issues related with medical and healthcare laws in Nepal.

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The laws governing healthcare does not meet international norms and standards and even the government authorities are ambiguous about the governance, due to which there’s been a gap creating hurdles for enterprises. However, CLA have a better understanding of substantial and procedural laws relating healthcare in Nepal and excellent experience working with the bureaucratic channels to serve its client’s purpose.

The professional legal services provided by CLA in this sector include:

  • Legal services related with licensing and registration of medical institutions;
  • Providing expert legal opinion with regard to healthcare laws in Nepal;
  • Providing secretarial and compliance services.

Tourism and Hospitality

Nepal is considered as the major tourist destinations in South Asia and in the world. Home to the highest peak Mount Everest and to over 8 highest peaks in the world, tourists are attracted every year for different adventurous activities. Mountaineering, trekking, wildlife, culture, diversity and hospitality are the major tourist attractions. 

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On the other hand, investments in hotels, resort, restaurants, travel and tours cover major portion of foreign investment. Many multinational, foreign owned and domestic enterprises are operating in this sector. Our lawyers at CLA have deep understanding and expertise in laws governing tourism and hospitality in Nepal. We have served different national and foreign investors and enterprises in this sector.

The professional legal services provided by CLA in this sector include:

  • Registration of hotels, resorts, restaurants, travel and tours.
  • Providing compliance and secretarial services to the enterprises.
  • Obtaining and renewing different licenses required by enterprises for operation.
  • Liaising with governing authorities to resolve any issue.
  • Providing expert legal opinion and services in this sector.
  • Providing labor and employment law related services.


Different domestic and international NGO, INGOs, Non-Profit organizations are working in Nepal in different sectors, with the non-profit and welfare motive in various Nepalese communities. Nepal being a developing country and having a huge scope of work for international organizations, has welcomed hundred of thousand organizations working in Non-Profit sectors. 

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CLA has extensive experience serving a Non-Profit organization with all the legal requirements and compliances. We provide secretarial services to various NGOs and INGOs and help our Non-Profit clients to comply with the entire legal requirement without a miss. Failure to comply with the laws enables statutory fines to the Non-Profits and the governance is very strict, which is regularly monitored by government authorities.

The professional legal services provided by CLA in this sector include:

  • Registration of NGOs, INGOs and Non-Profit organizations as per the laws.
  • Providing secretarial and legal services for legal compliances.
  • Providing legal advice, opinions and representations to the Non-Profit organizations.
  • Liaising with government and local bodies for project facilitation.


Nepal being one of the signatories of ICAO has the obligations to follow standard rules and practices in order to ensure aviation safety including the service. Being a land-locked country, aviation/air transportation has been the blooming industry while ensuring mass influx of tourists thus, promoting the tourism industry. 

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With the growing number of domestic and foreign users in the sector and aviation in global world being one of the safest means of transportation, the country has failed in various instances to ensure safety of the passengers against the fatal crash of the aircrafts. With the prior experience of CLA team in the sale and purchase of aircraft to compensation arising out of the fatal crash, aviation has been one of the expertises of the firm.

The professional legal service provided by CLA in this field includes:

  • Drafting Aircraft Sale and Purchase Agreements.
  • Representing clients/victims in the negotiations.
  • Litigating the case.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

In today’s globalised world, financial markets are playing a key role in the stability and prosperity of economies, governments including organizations, having a  profound effect on the individual and society as a whole. The society has been fascinated by the dynamic context of today’s financial markets, and is willing to make a positive impact on the future of international finance and banking. 

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With the better knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to serve our clients working in financial sectors with the specialization in fields like investment banking and financial regulation, CLA could be the better place to go for necessary legal services in the said sector. We do believe that the knowledge of sustainable finance and new forms of finance in legal terms would be highly relevant for a new generation of bankers and regulators. CLA provides all range of legal services including legal advice on the issues related with said sector.

Antitrust and Competition

CLA is available to assist you in resolving antitrust and competition law challenges at national and international level. Due to our comprehensive experience we are fully aware of the economic conditions, including sector-specific particularities. This enables us to provide practical advice tailored to your requirements. 

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Moreover, due to the globally increasing activities and ever closer cooperation among competition authorities we advise on complex specific issues as well as on the development and implementation of an overall strategy keeping in view that the guarantee of free and undistorted competition is essential for sustainable economies. CLA believes that in order to operate within the regulatory framework in compliance with antitrust and competition law, companies need a sophisticated antitrust and competition law strategy and policy.